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Scientific research demonstrates that dental mercury amalgam exposes dental professionals, dental staff and patients to releases of mercury vapour, mercury containing particulate and other forms of mercury contamination.

Mercury vapour is known to be released from dental amalgam fillings at higher rates during brushing, cleaning,clenching of teeth, chewing and during placement, and removal of dental mercury amalgam fillings.

At NDDQ, we strictly follow the protocol defined by the IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) for safely removing mercury fillings.

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    Our protocol consists of the following safety procedures:

    • Wide safety goggles over the eyes to protect during mercury removal from mercury vapour & mercury particulat
    • Disposable hair cap and protective wraps for patient’s clothing, dentist and dental assistant
    • Patient oxygen provides clean air
    • Mercury vapour extractor to eliminate mercury vapour during mercury filling removals
    • Rubber dam and/or “Clean-Up” apparatus fits over tooth attached to suction machine line during mercury filling removal, to reduce mercury vapour levels
    • Use of large amounts of ozonated water and high volume suction on tooth during mercury filling removal
    • Amalgam waste collector which prevents 99% of mercury going out into the waste water.
    • Fillings are replaced with an organically modified ceramic, an Ormocer called Admira-Fusion, which is tooth-coloured, bonded and resilient. This material does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) as do most standard resin filling materials.
    • Ionizer and air purifiers
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    Affordable Amalgam Filling Removal

    X-rays are required to view the depth and condition of existing fillings and the areas where teeth contact one another.

    After your initial examination and consultation the dentist will review any x-rays and photographs taken of your teeth and create a treatment plan specifically for you.

    This contains a letter explaining the estimated cost for your treatment and how may appointments you may require to complete your treatment plan.

    All amalgam fillings will be removed using strict safety protocols for mercury removal established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

    Amalgam Removal

    Replacing Your Amalgam Fillings with White Fillings

    At New Directions Dentistry QLD, we prioritise your wellness above everything. So, you can trust our experienced and skilled dentists to obtain safe amalgam removal services in Brisbane and amalgam replacement procedures. The entire process will use the SMART method and be performed by our amalgam removal & replacement specialist to provide a near-painless experience.

    Commonly, amalgam fillings made from liquid mercury and low-copper alloys are known to leak, which are better replaced with white fillings. The white fillings are also known as composite fillings because they use a mixture of resin and powdered glass. Such fillings can resemble natural tooth colour appearance and are good sealants for increasing tooth strength.

    The New Directions Dentistry QLD team also recommends obtaining white fillings when the existing fillings are stained, chipped or leaking. Numerous wellness reasons qualify the need for obtaining amalgam replacement, and we can offer you same-day treatments in healthy cases.

    Amalgam Removal & Replacement Treatment Overview

    The amalgam filling removal Brisbane treatment will begin with carefully removing the mercury filling, followed by inserting high-grade and durable white fillings. Arranging essentials for the procedure, like rubber dam installation, nasal medical air provision, proper air filtration and amalgam waste disposal, will all be handled by our qualified amalgam removal Brisbane experts.

    You can rely on our Dentist Teneriffe team at New Directions Dentistry QLD to keep you comfortable and safe at every moment during the procedure.

    Health & Wellness Reasons to Remove Amalgam Fillings

    It is incredibly important to remove mercury amalgam fillings when it’s suspected to leak into the mouth. Besides having an unnatural appearance in your smile, the mercury amalgam fillings could cause the following health problems:

    • Mercury fillings can leak in high-temperature environments, leading to inhalation of mercury vapours, ultimately causing lung tissue damage.
    • The degradation of mercury fillings with activities like chewing, brushing or teeth grinding can release it into the bloodstream.
    • Having excess mercury in the blood may lead to suffering from toxicity problems related to thyroid, kidneys, uterus, and foetus functions.
    • Ingesting mercury can also cause depression and mood swings, apart from other nervous system disorders and reduced natural immunity.
    • Long-term exposure to mercury or its vapours can damage gut microbiomes, compromising your digestive system.

    How Necessary is Safe Amalgam Waste Disposal?

    After an amalgam removal procedure, it’s important to dispose of it safely. Otherwise, it can mix with water or soil and cause environmental damage. Disposing of mercury in hazardous waste is also recommended to prevent accidental exposure to the metal aside from natural reasons.

    Mercury carries high toxicity, so you must always obtain an amalgam replacement procedure at a reputed dental centre like New Directions Dentistry QLD. Our state-of-the-art facilities can neutralise such dangers without hassles to you.

    Moreover, safe amalgam waste disposal also prevents you from ingesting its particles apart from averting the inhalation of mercury vapours.

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    What is dental amalgam?

    Dental Amalgam is a procedure performed to fill the cavities caused by tooth decay. Commonly, amalgam is a mixture of metals, like liquid mercury and a powdered alloy composed of silver, tin, and copper. Dental amalgams are also available in composite materials (resin and glass mixture) and glass ionomer (powdered glass), which release fluoride to prevent further tooth decay.

    Do you know if you have any leaky fillings?

    A leaky filling causes saliva, bacteria and food particles to be deposited in the cavity. One can know for certain that they have a leaky filling by carrying a metallic taste in their mouth. Other indicative signs of leaky fillings include experiencing dental aches, tooth sensitivity, headaches and dental or oral discomfort.

    Is amalgam removal safe?

    Amalgam removal is safe when the SMART method is used for extracting the fillings. The removal procedure could usually take one or two minutes per filling based on size and location. Additionally, amalgam removal can be a near-painless procedure via the use of a local anaesthetic by an experienced dentist.

    Do you have old, leaking silver fillings?

    A common way to identify whether your silver fillings are old or leaking is when you experience tooth sensitivity. Other symptoms that signify leaky silver fillings include tasting metal in your mouth, feeling dental discomfort, etc. Usually, such effects can be experienced when you brush your teeth, drink hot liquids or soda, or perform teeth grinding.

    You now have a choice to have your silver fillings replaced.

    Dental fillings are today available in multiple types other than mercury fillings since their use is known to cause leaks. So instead, you can get glass ionomer amalgam fillings and composite amalgam fillings, which prevent exposure to mercury fumes. Please note that increased exposure to mercury fumes may lead to mercury poisoning.

    Why Do I Need Amalgam Removal?

    Dental amalgam can deteriorate over time, so removing it before it leeks and triggers allergic reactions is best. Other dangers caused by not removing mercury amalgams in time include having oral lichenoid lesions and suffering from mercury poisoning. The latter is caused by the release of mercury vapours which can happen through teeth grinding, brushing and drinking hot liquids or soda.

    Why Choose Us for Amalgam Removal and Replacement in Brisbane?

    New Directions Dentistry QLD provides dependable and trustworthy amalgam removal and replacement services in Brisbane using the SMART method. The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique involves installing an amalgam separator and other protective measures before extracting it. The procedure is performed by highly-trained dentists who must collect mercury amalgam waste in a high-volume air filtration facility.

    Is it worth removing amalgam fillings?

    Removing amalgam fillings is worthwhile because it can prevent you from suffering from the side effects of mercury poisoning. In some cases, excess exposure to mercury vapours may cause chronic fatigue-like symptoms, neurological problems and death in rare cases.

    Can I get my amalgam fillings removed?

    You can get your amalgam fillings removed at New Directions Dentistry QLD on the same day or in a single appointment in most cases. The amalgam removal procedure takes a couple of minutes per filling based on size and location. You can trust New Directions Dentistry QLD to provide an effective amalgam removal procedure because we use the SMART method.

    What is the safest way to remove amalgam fillings?

    The safest way to remove amalgam fillings is by using the SMART method, which requires adhering to several safety guidelines. The procedure requires high precision and expertise besides needing a high-volume air filtration facility, all of which you can obtain and find at New Directions Dentistry QLD.

    How do I remove old amalgam restoration?

    Please do not attempt to remove old amalgam restoration by yourself. Instead, seek expert dental care immediately for the best results. The trained and experienced dental professionals at New Directions Dentistry QLD can conveniently assist you in getting rid of them using the SMART procedure. Moreover, the entire treatment can be performed on the same day and usually does not require more than one visit in healthy cases.