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Same Day Dental Crown in Brisbane

At New Directions Dentistry we offer high-quality, affordable dental crowns in Brisbane to help you restore your smile. A crown is a dental restoration that completely encircles and covers a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are used to restore broken or cracked teeth or very large existing fillings to make the tooth stronger and longer lasting. They are also used to support a bridge or partial denture.

A crown is needed when it is not possible to restore a tooth with a more minimal restoration or filling.

Crowns are usually made from porcelain, ceramic, or metal and are bonded to the tooth surface with dental cement.

An x-ray is usually required to assess the depth of any existing filling material and also the condition of the root of the tooth to be crowned.

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    What Does a Crown Procedure Involve:

    Once the tooth has been assessed and approved for a crown, the tooth is prepared by removing a thin outer layer of the tooth – the crown will be the same thickness as the removed layer.

    An impression or mould of the prepared tooth is taken and sent to our technician who makes the crown. The crown shade and contours are matched to blend with your other teeth.

    You will usually be provided with a temporary crown until the permanent crown is ready – the temporary crown is then removed, and the new crown fitted and bonded to the tooth surface.

    During your consultation appointment with Dentist Teneriffe, Leigh will discuss the crown procedure with you and provide you with a written treatment plan and cost estimate should this be a suitable restoration option for your tooth.

    Our Dependable Dental Crown Options

    Our restorative dentistry services at New Directions Dentistry QLD can solve your numerous oral care problems with dental crowns. It is among one of our widely sought dental care treatments by adults who want to avoid more invasive procedures like getting dental implants.

    So, at New Directions Dentistry QLD, you can obtain the following primary types of dental crowns at the best rates!

    Permanent Dental Crowns Brisbane

    The permanent dental crowns are affixed to the chipped or damaged tooth after reshaping it to restore your complete smile. Such dental crowns cannot be removed manually, and obtaining them usually require two sittings if not the same-day treatment.

    The permanent dental crowns are trusted and dependable for imparting excellent jaw support with a complete bite for longer durations. But it’s worth noting that in some cases, you may not obtain reimbursement for the dental crown cost with insurance. It is because permanent dental crowns are also known to be obtained for cosmetic reasons, i.e., to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

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    Removable Dental Crowns Brisbane

    In cases when you might obtain our same-day crowns Brisbane treatment, you will get removable dental crowns. Such an arrangement is usually provided to our patients undergoing dental implant treatment or having their implants repaired. Similarly, people with removable dentures can also obtain our removable dental crowns to regain their oral functions temporarily.

    Note: Please understand that our dental experts will recommend you one or either based on your dental condition and personal needs or necessities. Yet, you can always pick between them and get the one you require.

    The Different Types of Quality Dental Crowns At NDDQ

    Say no more to getting embarrassed by your smile due to missing or broken, chipped or damaged teeth. Our same-day crowns Brisbane treatments can provide you with fully customisable dental crowns that match or enhance the appearance of your teeth and your smile.

    The New Directions Dentistry QLD dental crowns will restore your confidence in your smile from day one. Get our custom dental crowns at affordable prices that accurately match the shape of your original teeth, even their shade and bite. During every step of the dental crown procedure, you can be assured that we will uncompromisingly prioritise your comfort and safety.

    Porcelain Dental Crowns

    Porcelain dental crowns are easily the most reliable choice for many because of their appearance and reliability. Usually, people obtain dental crowns for their front row teeth and molars since only porcelain crowns can resemble original teeth. Usually, a front tooth crown cost can be upwards of AUD 1000 when obtained from a reputable dental centre.

    Composite Dental Crowns

    An acceptable alternative to porcelain crowns is composite crowns that are available with same-day treatments. They are made using a composite material and offer near similar aesthetics minus the sheen. While a composite dental crown is prone to yellowness quicker, it is possible to obtain reimbursement of the dental crown cost with insurance. (Please confirm with your insurance provider before getting the composite dental crown treatment.)

    Alloy & Precious Metal Dental Crowns

    Someone who seeks better durability but also wants to save on cost can obtain metal dental crowns. Such crowns are made of titanium and other alloys that help prevent rusting while offering lasting durability. However, one can obtain such cheap crown dentist procedures on the same day, but you must note that they might cause teeth sensitivity issues later.

    When Should You Get Dental Crowns?

    Unknown to some, not correcting a problematic tooth condition like broken or chipped teeth can also cause mental health problems. Not only do bad-looking teeth hurt your confidence and prestige, but they can also cause chronic fatigue due to excessive pain. Therefore it is important to seek immediate dental care when you have damaged your teeth or when you suffer from the following symptoms

      • Experiencing an oral infection or a gum problem causes pathogens to flow into your bloodstream, causing damage to your other organs and making you feel fatigued.
      • Chronic conditions like tooth decay cause excess production of stress hormones, making you feel fatigued near-constantly.
      • The psychological stress of dealing with dental aches or teeth sensitivity, cavities, and similar dental problems can also lead to experiencing fatigue.
      • Certain teeth are connected to your specific organs by veins like the upper and lower third molars with your heart. Experiencing pain in them without seeking immediate care can also bring the feeling of fatigue.
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    Which Are The Best Suitable Dental Crowns for Front Teeth?

    The best suitable dental crowns for front-row teeth are porcelain crowns, even when they might not be offered under a same-day crowns Brisbane treatment. The following reasons support its viability:

        • Closely resembles the finish, lustre and durability of the original teeth
        • Porcelain crowns can support dental braces and dental aligners
        • A Porcelain crown can be attached to a dental bridge
        • A Porcelain crown can also temporarily replace a dental implant
        • Porcelain crowns can also be placed on dentures.

    Which Are The Best Suitable Dental Crowns for Sensitive Teeth?

    Anyone seeking restorative treatment by obtaining same-day crowns in Brisbane could receive composite crowns. However, porcelain crowns could offer better comfort, reliability and overall appearance than metal or composite crowns.


    What is a dental crown?

    A dental crown is one of the most dependable techniques in tooth restoration or restorative dentistry. It is a cap-like structure placed on your chipped or cracked tooth after reshaping it. Please note that a dental crown can be placed on a dental bridge or implant but cannot be a substitute for either.

    How much do dental crowns cost in Brisbane?

    The cost of dental crowns in Brisbane varies based on their composition, craftsmanship and the provider’s expertise. A reputable dental centre can charge upwards of AUD 1000 to get a permanent dental crown made of porcelain. Naturally, it offers better durability and is aesthetically more pleasing than composite dental crowns, which are offered at an average cost of AUD 200-300.

    How do dental crowns work?

    Dental crowns work by providing structure and support to the damaged tooth after being placed on it. A dental crown can protect or cover sensitive or problematic teeth for patients who don’t want tooth extraction. After the procedure, a dental crown appears and functions like an original tooth.

    How long do dental crowns last?

    A permanent dental crown can usually last longer than four years with regular dental care maintenance. It can sometimes last even longer, up to a decade or more, with regular dental checkups and impeccable dental hygiene maintenance.

    What materials and types are available for a Dental Crown?

    Dental crowns can be made from materials like high-grade porcelain, composite materials, and metal alloys. In addition to them, specific dental centres also provide dental crowns made of precious metals like silver and gold.

    Why should people choose crowns compared to other treatments?

    Several reasons justify obtaining dental crown treatment for your restorative dentistry needs compared to other options. For instance, dental crown treatments don’t require more invasive procedures like dental implants. Similarly, a dental crown offers better support, aesthetics and secure protection to gums and teeth without needing tooth extractions.

    What are the benefits of dental crowns?

    A dental crown offers a variety of benefits, like protecting gums and fillings against tooth decay and cavities. Getting a dental crown on a chipped or broken tooth can also restore your complete smile while improving its appearance.

    Are there any alternatives to dental crowns?

    The better alternative that offers more durability and oral comfort than dental crowns is dental implants. Their lifespan exceeds almost twice the age and dependability of dental crowns and are also easier to replace.

    Are Crowns Better Than Fillings?

    Dental crowns provide maximum protection to your teeth, especially when you have teeth sensitivity or bleeding gum problems. A dental filling may leak or break with teeth grinding or chewing, but a dental crown is much sturdier. Obtaining a dental crown also provides better aesthetic value than getting dental fillings.

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