Holistic Dentistry Approach

What is Holistic (or Integrative) Dentistry?

At New Directions Dentistry QLD (NDDQ) we practice science based Bio-safe Dentistry which is also often referred to as Holistic or Biocompatible Dentistry. This approach involves utilizing the safest and the most biologically-friendly methods available with the aim of helping children, teenagers and adults achieve a healthy smile.

The Bio-safe/Holistic approach recognizes the connection between oral health and over-all health and typically refers to dentistry that considers the impact of dental conditions and treatments on oral and systemic health, including the biocompatibility of dental materials and techniques.

Since the mouth is the gateway to the digestive tract, it should not be surprising that what occurs in the mouth can impact the rest of the body and vise-versa.

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    We also work closely with Integrative Medical Doctors who have specialized in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to address nutritional and detoxification issues presenting in our patients. (Please refer to www.qldim.com.au).

    New Directions Dentistry QLD is a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice. We do not support the use of amalgam as a filling material and utilize strict safety protocols for the removal of amalgam fillings. Our practice is SMART certified by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) for the safe removal of amalgam (mercury fillings) in order to protect our patients and ourselves during this procedure – large amounts of mercury are released in the form of vapor and in small amalgam particles when amalgam is drilled for removal of the filling which can potentially lead to serious health risks.

    We utilize the latest environmental protection technology:

    Amalgam Separator

    amalgam separator to prevent amalgam entering the waste-water.

    Regular Testing

    regular testing procedures of all the surgery water lines to ensure no bacterial contamination.


    IAOMT compliance equipment to ensure our rooms are mercury-free and mercury-safe

    Digital X-Rays

    use of digital x-rays with minimal radiation exposure to patients.

    Air Purifiers

    air purifiers in all rooms to ensure clean and dust-free air.

    Ozone Taps

    ozone taps to provide freshly ozonated /sterile water for cleaning all surfaces – ensuring our rooms and equipment are antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal.

    If you think you and your family and friends would benefit from this approach to your oral care please get connected with our Dentist Teneriffe team for more information.

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