NTI Partial Occlusal Splint

For teeth grinding, jaw pain and headaches.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is an involuntary clenching and grinding of the teeth, usually during sleep. Grinding teeth and clenching of the jaw can lead to headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, broken or cracked teeth and reduced vertical height of teeth.

Your custom fitted NTI–TSS partial occlusal splint will also help to prevent further attrition by making full contact of teeth during sleep very difficult to achieve.

This helps to relieve grinding pressure and wear on the biting surface of your teeth.

Severe attrition due to grinding in extreme cases can also lead to tooth ache and even loss of a tooth from a deep stress fracture.

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    The NTI-TSS is a small transparent plastic device which is worn over the front teeth on either the upper or lower arch at night, and is intended to prevent contact of the canines and molars. It is fitted by your dentist Brisbane, and is constructed with the help of a dental technician.

    The NTI-TSS (Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system) is a type of occlusal splint that is worn during sleep to help prevent headache and migraine caused by sleep bruxism. Sleep bruxism is purported to lead to a hyperactivity of the trigeminal nerve, often triggering typical migraine events. The objective of the NTI-TSS is to relax the muscles involved in clenching and mastication, diminishing the chances for migraines and tension headaches to develop. It is sometimes used for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

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